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Navbow + underwater scooter
1649.00 EURO Sublue

Brand: Sublue

Dimensions L 486 x W 327 x H 177 mm (L 19.13 x W 12.87 x H 6.96 in)
Color Phantom gray / Flame orange
Weight 3.4 kg (7.49 lb)
Battery weight 1.1 kg (2.42 lb)
Depth 40 m (131 ft)
Battery life 60 min
Speed Free:1 m/s (2.24 mph)
          Sport: 1.5 m/s (3.36 mph)
          Turbo: 2 m/s (4.47 mph)
Temperature accuracy +/-2
Depth accuracy +/- 0.5
Map Global map position and search
Compass Digital compass
Max storage item 60
Max storage duration 1 hour/item
Interface 2 universal mounting points (which can be mounted balance weights, sports cameras, photography platform)
Accessories (included) - balance weight bracket & balance weight x3, D-ring buckle, Single hand operational lanyard, anti-lost lanyard, sublue faster charger.
Optional accessories - Navbow explore kit (included photography platform, waterproof LED lights, waterproof smartphone case and other connecting components), photography platform diving cross strap, waterproof backpack, waterproof LED light, selfie extension stick.

NAVBOW+ is the fastest among Sublue scooters.
It offers 
an extraordinary diving experience, cutting-edge technology with smart safety features and undeniable power and speed.
One-handle usage options - the world first dual underwater scooter, giving flexibility underwater. Allowing you to dive deeper with a D-ring buckle and a tow rope that connects the body to the equipment.

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