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name} New WhiteShark MixPro underwater scooter name} New WhiteShark MixPro underwater scooter
WhiteShark MixPro underwater scooter
999.00 EURO Sublue

Brand: Sublue

Size L 465 x W 230 x H 230 (mm) (L 18.30" x W 9.05" x H 9.05")
Weight 2.055 kg (4.53 lb)
Battery life 60 min
Depth 40 m (131 ft)
Speed High speed 1.8 m/s (4.03 mph)
           Low speed 1.2 m/s (4.03 mph) 
Bouyancy tank weight 605 g (1.33 lb)
Battery weight 890 g (1.96 lb)
Noise <=70 dB
Interface One 1/4" - 20 mount
Accessories (included) - rapid 2-hour charger, detachable bouyancy tank, anti-lost strap, waterproof smartphone case mount, non-slip grip stickers
Optional accessories - 98 Wh lithium-ion battery, quick-release camera holder, scuba diving weight harness, waterproof backpack
Age 8+

WhiteShark MixPro is the smallest double propeller underwater scooter in the market. It is ultra-lightweught and compact. 
Zip through the water with two speed options. Perfect to explore marine life while snorkeling.
Fun for the entire family - it is suitable for the pool, snorkeling, scuba diving and free diving.

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