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Swii electronic kickboard underwater scooter
499.00 EURO

Dimensions Tini power system: L355 x W 135 x H 135 mm
                   Single-boosting handle bracket: L 296 x W 144 x H 36.5 mm
                   Control Handle: L 95 x W 57 x H 158 mmm
                   Control handle: Ø 35.9 mm x H 123 mm
Weight (with battery) 3 kg
Weight of battery 870 g
Depth 20 m
Speed High speed: 1.4 m/s
           Low speed: 1.1 m/s
Battery life Power system: 45 min
                Control handle: 150 min
External loads Action camera mount
                     Floater mount
                     Double-engine support handle mount

Swii Electronic Kickboard is the perfect underwater scooter the whole family can enjoy. Swii uses innovative technology and is designed to keep individual's balance while zipping through the water's surface.
Fun for the whole family - the best toy for the beach and pool. Use it as a training aid for kids that are just learning how to swim or for adults that want to have fun while zipping through the water.
Remarkable bouyancy - Swii can hold anybody over 6 years old and up to 100 kg.
User friendly- just rest your chest on the kickboard, press and hold the buttons on both sides to start and release any button to stop.
Patented technology with premium safety - built-in waterproof emergency that automatically stops when a foreign object is stuck inside.
SublueGo control app - effortlessly change the speed, safety lock, indicator light settings, self-cleaning mode, and more. Just use the SublueGo App on your phone for easy customization.

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