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iAQUA AquaDart 770 Xtreme
15499.00 EURO

Max Speed - 25 km/h
Powel Levels - 7 Gears
Power - 4.5 kW 
Thrust - 770N
Max. depth - 45 m
Operating Time - 90/140 min/max
Left/Right Handed Operation - Yes
High Powered Underwater Lights - Yes
Dimensions: L 115 x W 60 X H 40 cm
Weight - 42 kg
Completely built of T3000 carbon fibre

AquaDart 770 Xtreme The World's ultimate dive scooter - a true testament to the skills of the designers and engineers at iAqua. The hi-tech carbon-fibre body reduces weight, and increases strength. The motor produces over 5.3 kW of power, delivering a thrust of 770 Newtons making the Extreme the World's fastest and most powerful dive scooter, which can propel you through the water at up to 25 kph, and get you there in under 3 seconds. Its colour is carbon fibre. 
The price is w/o VAT and transport cost, Ex Works Varna, Bulgaria.

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